What is the Bushclass?

Ferro Rod Sparks

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always liked to ‘show my butt’ as my grandma would call it. I was the sort of kid who would draw a line on paper and be desperate for the whole world to see and acknowledge how awesome that line looked. The videos I make and the images I post on Instagram are no different.

The BushcraftUSA Bushclass Basic lessons let me do something similar. I was able to accomplish digestible tasks to an ultimate goal–to become Bushclass I certified, all while showing off my progress to an unbelievably supportive community! I have learned several things that I have also used in day to day life. I created a leash for my new puppy after learning how to braid paracord loops. I also created a few bracelet for friends and I’m finding paracord crafts to be quiet fun (and useful!). One of those bracelets saved my butt when I was out in the woods and it unexpectedly rained. I was able to cut it free and use it to tie up a makeshift shelter and keep myself dry.  Even little seeming obvious nuanced knowledge such as dead sticks hanging in trees burn better than the ones that have been sitting on the ground.

The lessons as well as the amazing community helped me become more confident in my pursuit to become more self reliant as well as to feel more comfortable going out into the bush by myself as a woman.

Bushclass Checklist
Bushclass Checklist

But wait, that’s not all! I’m still chugging along. I hope to knock out Intermediate in another month or two and than onto Advanced! I’ve also got my eye on the Hardwoodsman challenge and other tests of skill. Keep an eye on my YouTube page and Instagram.

Thank you BushcraftUSA!

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